Jim Burgett Pauline 45 (Oro, 1963)

I really don't know anything about Jim Burgett other than he was from the San Francisco Bay Area, made a handful of rockabilly singles in the early 60s, and produced a few Frisco hippie bands some years later. I also know that he made this proto-garage punk, rockabilly stomper! Listen to that dnh-dnh-dnh-dnh-dnh-dnh-dnh-dnh between the lyric lines in the verse and how it turns up in every artist from the Kinks to the Seeds. I am sure that Burgett didn't invent it. Hell, it's a simple blues convention used by Willie Dixon (and punked out by Link Wray). But it works and here it is. 


Yeah, EVERYONE has pretty well used the backing vocals between sung verses. But still, a good upbeat lil' Rocker. Thanx!
Interested in hearing some of his other singles like:
"The Living Dead", "Split Personality" (also known as "Jekyll & Hyde"), & "Scene Of The Crime." All early 60's.
Enjoyed your Blog for awhile, and find some interesting & "eclectic" music here. Keep 'em coming, please.

Thanx again!

Ciao! For now.
If you were in Northern CA during the late sixties, you probably caught Jim Burgett at several lounge shows at Lake Tahoe. His lead guitarist dressed in Indian garb and remained stone-faced while the band tried to make him laugh. Hilarious stuff at 3 a.m. !!
Corky In Texas
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