Radio 9.13.11

Playlist for show 9.13.11 (aka Listen to me butcher language other than English)

some trippy rock stuff at the end of Mick Mucus's show
talk about Mick's flea bath & uric acid

Villagers of Krustiltsi Planino Pirin [Nonesuch Explorer]  
Moondog Themes & Variations/Rim Shot [Honest Jon's]  
Hej Nackskott Liten och kissnodig    [Lystring]  
Limonada Pies Descolzos [Lion]  
Les Baxter Jungle River Boat [Capitol]  
Lol Coxhill Two Sleepy People [Habada]  
William Matta Waynik Ya Leila [Voice of Beirut]  
Joe Farrell Quartet Collage for Polly [CTI]  
Koscak Yamada Rokkyuh [Toshiba]  
Deftene Belete Mengesh Bagana [Lyrichord]  
John Fahey The Waltz that Carried Us Away... [Takoma]  
Joe Chambers Jihad [Muse]  
C Section 8 Gated Horns [Turned Word]  
Kip Setchko Breath (the endless poem)    [Lazy River]  

Stream/DL http://kdvs.org/show-info/1776

Awesome! ;D
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