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In case you don't know, I am back on the radio. KDVS, of course. Click the link or go to 90.3 FM on the radio dial. And I have my old slot back. So every Tuesday from 11 pm til midnight (PST). You can hear me play records on the air. You can listen in real time or download the show. This week's play list looked a little like this:

Playlist for 7.19.11

Sickdoll Krautboy (Hertz-Schrittmacher)  
Halim El-Dabh Leiyla & the Poet (Columbia)  
ZNR Le Grand Compositeur Vu De Dos - Boston Mexicain No.2 (Recommended)  
Aquarium Derevnya (Melodia)  
Nina Simone I Put a Spell On You (Philips)  
Dogtroep Stoomboot (Dogtroep)  
Julio Garcia A Pesar de Todo (Discos Fuentes)  
The Pyramids Aomawa (Ikef)  
Watts Prophets Pain (ALA)  
Bill Evans/George Russell Orchestra Living Time - Event 1 (Columbia)  
Odd Clouds Untitled 2    (Not Not Fun)  
CAN Outside My Door (UA)  
The Dobermans Planet Vator (Carving Knife)  
Velvet Underground What Goes On   (MGM)

Stream http://kdvs.org/show-info/1776
Download http://bit.ly/raAYCK

aquarium-derevnya is such a lovely song, thank you for the cyber/radio introduction
Cool! Will be sure to listen.
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