It's So Better

Aeroplane It's So Better 45 (Pink Elephant, 1971)

How can you deny any song that starts off with a Kinks/Young Rascals riff rip? Don't answer that: You can't! Spaniards Aeroplane didn't hit with this song - it is the B-side - but they should have. "It's So Better" is perfect bubble-mod-glam-pop. While the song certainly sounds of its era, it has an energy that is timeless. It reminds me of first hearing The Creation's "Making Time," how that song was also a bunch of great things recycled but infused with so much energy and such a great sound that it didn't matter if present day pop culture cannibalized it or it inspired a handful of rock & roll voguers to form bands. It was still a great song. I feel the same about this Aeroplane dish. Great song - who cares if some Look-at-me's glom on to it.

Good one!
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