It Shouldn't Happen To A Dog

The English Setter It Shouldn't Happen To A Dog 45 (Glad-Hamp, 1966)

Here is the B-side of a tasty little 45 outta the nation's capital. As far as I know this great garage punker was the only release by the English Setters. Too bad. Their Back To The Grave-style strummer (and the poppy A side) show a band with some real snot-atude. Instead they went and became the Cherry People, an inferior sunshine pop act. But what are you gonna do? I am sure these guys just want some hits and to make a life playing music, so they are gonna go where the sound goes. One of the extra points here is the singer's odd accent. I am not sure if it is some strange regional thing or he was a transplant from the Old World or just a kid not sure whether to stick with his Baltimore accent or to go Brit and winding somewhere in between. 

I missed the boat on d/loading it but am familiar with the title via Billy Childish. Does this mean it's actually been a cover all this time and I just haven't twigged?!

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