Tick Tock

J. J. Aguilar Tick Tock 45 (J.J. Aguilar, 19??)

A favorite obscure find is this self-released 45 by J.J. Aguilar. Who Aguilar is, when the record was made, where it was made are all mysteries. If I was to guess, I'd say Aguilar was a musician, who'd play restaurants and lounges, and found that his song "Tick Tock" was a crowd pleaser. So he recorded it and put it on a 45 as both a demo and something to sell at his appearances. Success didn't come so he moved on to other things. I'd also guess that Los Angeles or thereabouts was his home base and that this was made in the 1970s. 

I've listened to "Tick Tock" dozens of times and I think it is brilliant. In a world where truth and justice really ruled the day, "Tick Tock" would have been a big hit. But a solo performer, singing in Spanish, backed by a canned drum track isn't gonna jet someone into the Top 40. Stupid. This has a great melody, a great sound, and great vocals. And the song is superior. It is quality pop. Enjoy.

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