Deja Vu

Spliff Deja Vu 45 (CBS, 1982)

My memory is pretty damn good. I very, very rarely buy records I already have, I know where pretty much all of them are, and I can tell you the origin of nearly every one; however, I have no idea how this came into my possession. And when I dropped needle on it, I figured out why: What the hell would lead me to buy a record with an electric drum lead in. Perhaps this was a blind buy or maybe someone gave it to me. There is a German who I buy records from who uses other records as packing material. Maybe this is one of those. Whatever the case, I am glad I have it. 

Spliff were a short lived 80s band made up of former members of Nina Hagen's group. One of the guys produced a great album by the band Extrabreit. Some consider Spliff part of the NDW, others say "Nein." Me? Don't care. I do love the mesh of electric drums, processed guitar, fake Euro-funk, and lazy-sleazy German vocals. I've listened to this slab a dozen times straight and each time have a guilty chuckle. Hope you do, too.

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