Bali Hai

Disconnection Bali Hai b/w Aaaah (Y Records, 1982)

The Rodgers & Hammerstein song "Bali Hai" first appeared in South Pacific in 1949 and foreshadows exotica. It has been covered hundreds of time in dozens of different settings. If you play this game of picking up random records for a buck or two, you've heard it done by high school jazz bands, college marching bands, lounge outfits, exotica artists, jazzbos, and surf bands. Here you get a version by the Y Records "house band" Disconnection. One of two, singles by the band (the second a 12"), Disconnection's treatment of "Bali Hai" is, you guessed it, soaked in disco. It is a good version: streamlined, not loaded with lots of instruments, easy on the ears. It is the flip, "Aaaah," which is the star here: Another sleak song, but this time not disco. This is a combination of exotica and no wave, soaring female vocals over fractured jazz-like rhythm. A tad slick, but addictive. Members of Disconnection later appeared in the post-punk/funk band Pigbag.

That b-side is rather cool - thank you!
I remember hearing the A side back in the day. I thought modernizing standards can be a good idea altho it is often an excuse for much abuse. This one is pretty good. But that B side, I love it. Thanks for posting.

Love the blog, bro.
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