The Fugitive Kind

Kenyon Hopkins The Fugitive Kind OST LP (United Artists, 1960)

I've written about how movie soundtracks often have very cool songs buried in them. Usually the stand out songs are anomalies - the "weird" number to set the scene of an acid trip, the tense minimalist backing of a murder, or a fake rock number to help illustrate wild teenage action. On the soundtrack to the Sidney Lumet film of the Tennesse Wiliams' play The Fugitive Kind, Kenyon Hopkins creates one hell of an anomaly in the song "Let Me Out." Creepy, creeping blues, "Let Me Out" is as proto-Cramps as any creepy, creeping song of the late 50s/early 60s. This is the song of today. I've tacked on "Get Crazy" for the hell of it. It's a good rock & roll instro. 

Excellent find! Thank you.
Awesome Scott! Glad you're back after a long bit!
Let Me Out. That's a great song. The vocalist, it really sounds like whazzits name, you know the guy, I've got one or two of his albums, one of his songs was used in an episode of The Sopranos,[three minutes later]...R.L. Burnside. That's it.
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