Sacramento Amazons

The Sacramento Amazons Baby (2010)

When I am especially bored, I click on youtube and start searching for videos tagged "Sacramento." I find all kinds of goofy stuff, weird crap, and really really mundane clips. Never have a found a video as charming and unpretentious as this one of the Sacramento Amazons. The clip is of three young women - one on ukulele and two singing. They are sitting on some back steps, it is evening, and they are busting out a version of Justin Beiber's hit "Baby."

The Beiber version is your typical version of teen pop confection. Though I am sure his fans will argue, there is nothing in his "Baby" that distinguishes itself from the corporate pop drivel emitted by the Jonas Brothers or Mylie Cyrus. However, in the Sacramento Amazons hands the song is stripped of all artifice and just is. There is no image, no attempt to sell anything, just three young women sitting on the steps having a good time playing music.

There is a reason the Sacramento Amazons are so cool: They are not a professional singing group. They are a women's rugby team (undefeated Nor Cal champs! They really smash other teams!). One of their members happens to tote around a ukulele. They sing for the joy of it. Looking at other video of them, they like to have fun, dance around, and every once in a while do a song. And they like to play rugby.

When I stumbled on this video, there were only four views of it. I am passing it on to you because I am entranced by it. Hopefully spreading it around won't intrude too much into these young ladies' world and destroy their spontaneity. Go Sacramento Amazons!

This was great, Scott.
I wish I can play the guitar like they do :)

great one Scott.
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