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Knowone Is Here 45 (New Age, 1980)

Knowone (AKA Don Barker)'s single seems puzzling. The label and the sleeve notes espouse the New Age. The lyrics are all about changing the way we deal with each other without resorting to revolution, a fairly typical sentiment of hippie gone yuppie new agers. The music is part "Eye of the Tiger" pop, part lounge funk. The "band" is from Shingle Springs, California, which in 1980 was a combination of mountain hicks, outdoorsmen, and ex-Suburban white-flighters, with a few back-to-the-landers thrown in. On the surface none of this makes sense, but if you know the time and place I am refering to, Knowone is perfect.

No solution to the pollution!
I'm also picking up a late 1970's Grateful Dead LP vibe off of these tunes. Ok, gotta run and take a shower.
Well, there really wasn't much of a New Age music scene in 1980. Even Eno's ambient stuff was still fairly new and not very well known at the time. So I guess this was what New Agers were playing.

"1980s" = funniest tune you've posted in a while!
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