Don't Blame Me

Reign of Terror Don't Blame Me b/w Big Things 45 (R.O.T., 1983)

Reign of Terror's great self-released single was their one and only. That they were one and done isn't surprising. As good as this single is, when this thing came out, it confused people. In the UK it would have been lumped in with New Wave of British Heavy Metal and might have garnered them a small following. In America,
It was too metal to be punk and too punk to be metal. Slower riff oriented tunes like "Big Things" were out of place in both hardcore land and in the burgeoning speed metal scene. However this single was championed by the folks at SST Records, who sent to people as a promo with stuff on their label. I was doing a teen punk zine at the time and got it in a package that - if I remember right - included the Stains great LP and Husker Du's Metal Circus. Reign of Terror fit right in. As time went on, the song "Don't Blame Me" was thought good enough by at least one punk collector/bootlegger to put on the Bloodstains Across California LP. I don't believe "Big Things" has been comped anywhere.

i like it too. thanks. remind me of early powertrip.
thnaks. i've been looking for this for a while now. i believe the guitar player was in Wurm with chuck dukowski
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