Operation "Lune"

Daniel J. White Operation "Lune" 45 (Editions Montparnasse 2000, 1969)

Found this odd gem at a public radio record sale for a quarter. Daniel White is a film and television composer with a pretty damn long list of scores. I am not sure if the music on Operation "Lune" was composed for a documentary or just to commemorate the 1969 moon landing. Doesn't really matter if the music is good and that it is. "Deux Hommes Sur La Lune" has that great electronics goes outer space sound with a touch of future sounds. "Mer de la Tranquillite" is a strange one. It has a noir sound to it, while evoking a cinematic post-war Paris street. But that isn't all. The playing of the song is very off-kilter, almost narcotic, so much so that it sounds like it could have been writen by Bob Graettinger. Enjoy.

truly great!
sounds like something Badalamenti heard before composing the soundtrack for twin peaks. more dark moody soundtrack themes!!!

david hamelech
I dig your blog, but I can't find your e-mail address. Want to trade links?
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