Here I Am, Send Me

Bells of Zion Here I Am, Send Me b/w Like a Ship Tossed 45 (Nashboro, 1974)

Here are a couple by the noted Chicago gospel group Bells of Zion and what a great pair of songs they are! One of the great things about Black Gospel is that even though the song styles haven't changed a whole lot over the years, if the group is recorded right, the performances sound fresh and vibrant. The great enemy of Black Gospel isn't the Devil, but state-of-the-art recording studios and commercial aspirations. Slick the music up and it loses its soul. That should be no surprise. Any music that is about energy - funk, rockabilly, garage, punk, flamenco, salsa, etc. - loses something when the recording becomes something more than documenting the sound as is. That is not to say that all music needs to have crap recording. Listen to this record. Aside from the wear of the record itself, the sound is great. No fidelity problems, no technical issues. It sounds like the group would probably sound if they were playing right in front of you and that is the way it should be.

Like this one, the first one in particular has a real pop to it, as someone who's about to post of the last of his records to Denmark tomorrow I'm starting to get a bit of an attachment to mp3's with crackles on them, nice blog.
Looks good. Is there a link to the song here somewhere? Jerry
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