Dynamics Baby b/w Aces Up 45 (Guaranteed, 1959)

It was 105 today and at 9 pm it just dipped below 90: Perfect weather for some R&B shufflin'. I can't really tell you anything about the band. Because there were probably a hundred groups using the name "Dynamics" at the time, researching this record is a bit more work than I have time to do right now. The label was from New York City so let's assume that the group was, too, and leave it at that. I wanna talk about that shufflin' sound: It is pretty damn great, isn't it? It sounds more instinctive than charted out, something a band would slide into because it felt right. I've got a nice stack of songs that incorporate this sound and, aside from a half dozen of them, I couldn't tell you who did them or what the song was called, at least not off the top of my head. But those things are trivia; put a shufflin' record on and I am as happy as a dog in the shade.

Guaranteed was a subsidiary of Carlton, and they signed people from all over (and the guys don't have a NY accent). Some history on the label & artists is here:
Nice cuts! Thanks much. Keep on keepin' on, man.
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