All I Want is You

Underground Sunshine All I Want is You 45 (Intrepid, 1969)

The great thing about the rock & roll seven inch record is that there is an endless stream of little known gems out there, whether they be from the Fifties and Sixties or the Eighties and Nineties or in between or now. There's thousands of worthy one-off lurking in record bins, thrift stores, attics, garages, and basements just waiting to be found. Many of them are like this Underground Sunshine single, a great, compact rocker, done by an obscure band who had a minor hit. In this case, Montello, Wisconsin's finest hit with a tepid version of the Beatles' "Birthday" and backed it with the punk snarl presented here. I read that they did an album and three more singles and then faded away. As far as the label goes, I've found a few things on Intrepid and they don't adhere to any formula. There also is no regional focus on any of their artists. Just another small label of the time and worth checking out.

The first 8 seconds reminds me of Love (Arthur Lee) the way the bass guitar drums and organ start out (Da Capo LP). I give this one an A plus.

I can't believe you have this here! I'd bought this for 39 cents at Woolworth's in the early '70s and really liked this side. Every time I've seen it on Gemm.com, it's been more than I'd want to pay to replace it. So, thanks a lot. By the way, I previously had read that Intrepid was a short-lived subsidiary of a major (Mercury-Philips, I think. I've forgotten), and the group was put together for the single.
Thanks again.
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