Bernard Herrmann Sisters OST LP (Entracte, 1975)

Like Ennio Morricone, Mikos Theodorakis, or Nino Rota, Bernard Herrmann is one of those names, that if attached to a film soundtrack, you have to pay attention. Though all of these composers have made some crummy soundtracks, their hit/miss ratio is way more than acceptable and when they hit, man, I challenge you to find better music. Herrmann is most famous for his soundtrack to Psycho, something you probably already know. He also scored a ton of other movies. His sound ranges from subdued to frightening and he relies a lot on strings to carry the mood. His work on Brian De Palma's 1973 film, Sisters - a very twisted tale which is mandatory viewing if you like your viewing a bit warped - is a bit more varied than his other scores. Most of the variation has to do with Herrmann increasing his instrumental palette. Rather than just rely on strings and booming percussion, he throws in bells, vibraphone and other sounds not typical of his work. The textures are also many. However, you aren't going to get much of a taste of Herrmann's variety here! The three cuts I chose for you are the film's main title and two others which incorporate the main theme, a fucked up version of a playground chant. While I dig the whole record, I am pretty taken by the theme.

MX-80 Sound do a great cover of the opening theme on their album "Crowd Control"
Thanks for posting these. While I don't think the Sisters soundtrack is one of Herrmann's best, it's one that I love the most--mainly because it's the one that screams "Horror Movie!" the loudest. In anyone else's hands, the music from Sisters, I think, could almost fall into parody, but Herrmann's magic is to keep it (at least slightly) grounded emotionally so that it resonates. Sticks to the ribs, as it were.

Keep up the great work!
theodorakis is 90% shit, really stereotopic "greek tourists music", Has only one great masterpiece - "Z". sisters is great, and not by mistake herrmann is behind the soundtrack in a movie which is a big homage to hitchcock.

david hamelech
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