Dark Shadows

The Robert Cobert Orchestra Dark Shadows OST LP (Philips, 1969)

I dropped my stack of the morning's haul next to my girlfriend's ottoman and sat on the couch. She starts flipping through the records, stops and exclaims "DARK SHADOWS! I used to watch that when I was a kid and it scared the Hell out of me." What was it? "A soap opera about vampires and monsters. It was pretty cool. I had a crush on Barnabas." Hmmm...I should know about this but for some reason I didn't.

Perhaps you don't either. Dark Shadows was exactly what my girlfriend said, a soap opera about vampires, monsters, and the spirit world. It aired on American TV from 1966 to 1971 and was pretty popular. Today, it has a pretty significant cult following. Important to this blog is that it also had a great soundtrack, one which in the day was considered groundbreaking.

Robert Cobert's music for the series is pretty startling once you consider that it was for a TV show. Rather than dumb down the sounds, Cobert seemed to approach Dark Shadows as if it was a film. While some of this would sound right for a late Sixties horror film - from Theramin to obligatory rock & roll instrumental - it is better than most TV soundtracks I've heard. The record was a best seller, so finding a copy should be pretty easy and cheap. I got mine for $3. If I held out for one in better condition, I would have been set back a fiver.

That's a great album. The spoken word segments are so cheesy as to invoke milky tears. Nice post.


Good stuff...I may need to netflix the series to hear these in context.
You were right, I found one for a fiver -- and it came with a poster!
Love this. I was a fan as well.
One reason it was hard to fine is that the song Quentin's Theme was actually a hit song.
They did play it on the radio at the time.

Any way you could post that??
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