Congo Mombo

Muvva Hubbard & the Stompers Congo Mombo 45 (ABC-Paramount, 1956)

If you've followed this blog, you know that I am a sucker for this kind of record. First off the musician Muvva Hubbard is pretty damn obscure. Though he released a couple other singles around the same time as "Congo Mombo", there is no information on him that I can find. Second, the music is one of those attempts at trying to capitalize on duel trends. In this case, the Latin music craze of the mid-1950s and the instrumental, rock & roll, guitar twang inspired by Duane Eddy, one of my first rock & roll loves. Third, what the hell is a Congo Mombo? Are the bongo drums supposed to be African (Congo) or Latin (Mombo)? And mombo? Why because mambo doesn't rhyme with congo? So lame, but so good.
Four, sure this record is kinda kitschy but it is really fucking killer, too. Ultimately, it is the killer that makes it worthy to throw up here. Hope you enjoy it.

Love it.
Killer indeed.
Guitar Gable originally cut this tune in the mid-'50s for Excello as "Congo Mambo". He also did "Guitar Rhumbo," which is in a similar vein. Fun tunes!
Another classic from the golden age of sleazy-listening music. Anyone else think that melody starts off sounding like "Frankie & Johnny"?
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