A Message to the World

Eddy's Group A Message to the World (BT Puppy, 1965)

An unusual obscurity this single. It is an anti-war song from 1965, which is too early for the protest song trend of a few years later. Sixty-five saw American advisers in Vietnam, but the war was still pretty much hidden from the public. Thus Eddy's Group doesn't sing of Vietnam, but the dead end of any war, with more than a hint at fearing nuclear war. This is a sentiment you hear in folk music of the time, but it doesn't turn up much in pop music (not to mention excellent haunted pop). Even more unique is that this single is on B.T. Puppy, whose discography is dominated by the doowop and pop of The Tokens, Del Satins, and The Happenings. This might just be the one protest song in the entire BT singles discography. And, to conclude, this looks to be the only record by Eddy's Group...until you realize that Eddy's Group is really The Tokens! Yes, the same band that did "The Lion Sleeps Tonight." If I had to guess, I'd say that The Tokens wanted to make a statement record, but didn't want to tarnish the Tokens brand by having people think they were a bunch of radicals; hence Eddy's Group.

Wow the Ones "You haven't seen my Love." I remember hearing that in NJ when it came out. Great record, thanks!
Scott - Back in 2007, you found:

Eric Robinson Man with the Mike EP (Trafco, 1965) "Eric Robinson has the stereotypical 60s Brit BBC man voice. He asks his subjects probing questions and seems to like it when the conversation turns "edgy"

> The lable shows there is a :55 intro. Can I get that from you? I have scores of MWTM programs at audio.umc.org. But I don't have a promo intro!

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