You Haven't Seen My Love

The Ones You Haven't Seen My Love b/w Happy Day 45 (Spirit, 1967)

Oh oh oh here is a fucking great soul single. From the brooding organ and plaintive vocals on the A-side to the elastic vocal inflections and spazzed out lead guitar on the flip, wow! The Ones were four Chicano/Euro-American Detroit teens, who played high school dances, doing mostly Motown, R&B and garage covers, as well as a few originals. Two of the originals they put to tape and then pressed as a single on their own label, Spirit. The song immediately got airplay on Detroit radio and became a local hit. Wanting to cash in on a bit of The Ones' good fortune, Motown picked up the single, making band the first non-Black R&B group on the Motown roster. Despite touring with the Miracles and other Motown acts, The Ones' single didn't hit nationally and the label lost interest in the band. Perhaps the band was just a bit to quirky to fit into the rigid Motown mold or maybe they put everything they had into this single. Whatever the case, this is a great one.

Another gem.
Did Motown actually pick this single up? I know the Ones recorded for Gordy's label, but I think their only Motown single was actually a version of "Love's Gone Bad" that was a bit more garagey than this. Either way, awesome 45, this.
Wait. You know what? I was thinking of the Underdogs. Nevermind.
Up in Rochester NY, I performed in the top band up there in the late 70's early 80s and we did that tune. We had the B3 and it came out perfect. Great song!!!
Their manager writes about them at http://www.johnnyspencer.info/imagetexts03/youhaventseenmyloveO.htm
The following info is from that page: They were all from Lansing, MI. The Ones consisted of four teenage guys, Kevin Nicholoff on bass, his brother Kerry Nicholoff on Hammond B-3, Mark Boomershine - drums and Danny Hernandez guitar and lead vocal. Danny Hernandez passed away a couple of years ago and the other three guys still live in Lansing and we are still friends and see each other from time to time.
This is Lou, posted earlier comment about my band doing this tune. You can hear us do it at www.sweet-lou.com, click on the 1979 set 3 at Tutts villa. May have to listen to the whole set.
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