The Dorsals with the Gatormen Namu b/w Killer Whale 45 (Camelot, 1966)

Listen, I don't care how trashed this record is nothing, I mean nothing, is gonna stop me from posting songs about Namu the Killer Whale, especially if one of them has whale sound effects dropped into the song! And not only are these ultra cool garage tunes but the band features one Rayner Rey, a name associated with the Seattle garage scene and responsible for a couple killer pop singles on Jerden (which I've mentioned but haven't posted on here yet - someday). Because I have no great record hunting story associated with this single, nor can think of a tale regarding whales, killer or otherwise, I will just leave you these sounds.

Works for me.
Great. Thanks.


Wait, it gets worse: that's a WHALE of a record ya got there, Scott!
Makes me want to go to the Vancouver Aquarium, in beautiful Stanley Park.
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