The Loser

The Racket Squad The Loser 45 (Jubilee, 1968)

One of Pittsburgh's finest band of the Sixties, The Racket Squad started out as The Fenways. They did a couple albums for Jubilee and a handful of singles. But what they are most known for is being the backing band for a few hits by the Vogues. The music of The Vogues and the Racket Squad is standard 60s garage pop, for the most part. The Vogues tunes are more pop than garage, the Racket Squad more garage than pop. However, the Squad also did some slower, moodier, more produced music, stuff that would be labeled Sunshine Pop today. The heaviest of their Sunshine Pop songs (and one of the heaviest of the genre) is this classic bit of self-loathing, "The Loser". To me, the magic in this song is that it never breaks from the orchestrated pop mode, even while it lumbers on and despite the faux-psych moves. Pretty damn cool stuff.

i love this song, Scott, simply beautiful!

Thanks again.
Thanks for post "The Loser" by the Racket Squad. One of my all time favorites! OMG the age is showing!
How about more music by the racket squad? rescuedeb
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