Zaccarias e sua Orquestra Frevos 10" (RCA, 195?)

Frevos mean fever and it's been the street music of Brazil's Carnival since 1907. I am not going to bullshit my way into you thinking all I learned about frevo came in searching info about this record with a very very very cool cover. The music is great. Sounds to me like a combo of Perez Prado and Raymond Scott, but the style preceeded them. Zaccarias is considered one of the masters and this is one of his records, one which seems to be pretty damn scarce. No need to ramble on. If you want to read a history of frevo, check this out. More sounds of Zaccarias, go here.

Thanks, Scott. It is a really cool cover, but I'm not hearing the Raymond Scott, and the Dámaso Pérez Prado, only a little bit. It does seem to have this march thing going on, Anyway, good stuff.
Great stuff, thanks.
would it be possible to post the name of the tracks you had originally posted? I don't need the tracks - just the names. Thank you
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