Detroit City Cats

Costa & Chyps Detroit City Cats 45 (Stature, 1982)

Ummm...Can some Michiganer fill me in on what a "Detroit City Cat" is? I mean, other than a song based on what seems to be an odd phrase turned into a vocal hook, backed by some faux funk. I kind of doubt that Detroit City Cat is the name of a street gang and that they commissioned this song for themselves. However this could be the theme song for an indie movie of the same name, though I find no mention of such a creation on IMDB or through searches. Was there a minor league baseball or hockey team by that name? Was the WFL in existance then and the City Cats was the Detroit franchise name. Or are Costa & Chyps simply referring to the nastier characters on the streets as "city cats"? Please, someone from Detroit fill me in! This is keeping me up at nights. I really don't need to know anything else about this single. I have a good enough picture of the band, the producer, and the label head in my mind thanks to the music. The image is gold plated and hairy and I'd like to keep it that way.

Thanks for this one.
Cats seem to be invading the blogosphere this week...

With more synth it could have have made the Soundtrack for "The Warriors II: The Detroit Connection". Still pretty interesting. By movie standards the missing link between early 80s trash and mid 80s crap over the top production. I would bet a video to that song would be just right and made THRILLER a rip-off.

Excuse my second-language english.
Gracias Tim (who thinks this blog is one of the best and is the real thing. So much thought from the heart. Scott is the MAN !)
detroit city cats = detroit tigers, detroit lions
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