Never Leave Me

The Stratfords Never Leave Me b/w Enaj 45 (O'Dell, 1964)

Ahhhh here is some brilliant haunted pop. Lots of reverb'd darkness, eerie vocals, and a laconic beat, the Stratfords' "Never Leave Me" was a minor hit in their native Baltimore but nowhere else. While the song is as good as any Brian Hyland number of the same sound, I think what it lacks to have gone national is a step up in production. Chances are that "improvement" would have slickened the song and ruined not only its slight edge but flattened the mood. For the band, no national exposure probably sucked, but for the music freak, it makes for a pretty great record. The flip is also a great noir instrumental. Even though this was a local single, it is not too difficult to find.

Hi Scott,

great tune indeed. The Stratfords had at least one more 45 (O'Dell #114) Throw Stones b/w Where Is She Now and must have been from MD

thanks a lot for posting!

MichaelVee - Milano
Way Cool!!! NLM sounds like a hybrid of Joy Division and The Vaselines. Really cool sound! Far ahead of their time as far as pop goes.
It was also a minor hit in Detroit.
Wow! My former sister-in-law (still VERY good friend) sent me this link this evening. I am in awe that anyone out there remembers us. I was The Stratfords' piano player who wrote "Crosstown," the flipside tune to "Two Lovers" (second Stratfords record)on O'Dell Records.

I long ago lost contact with the other Stratfords, but I certainly wish them well.

After being in The Stratfords, one of the greatest thrills of my life, I became a record producer and wrote more songs including a TV commercial jingle. Now I direct live-action and animated productions. www.ErnieBerger.com
I remember their hit 'throw stones' from air-play on WCAO, which was a Baltimore top-40 AM station. I have not heard the song since the 60's. I love garage rock.
Actually this record made it to #5 on the local charts here in Baltimore and it stayed in the top 10 for 5 or 6 weeks. This makes it a little more than a minor local hit. It made the top 20 in a handful of cities including Hartford, CT and Detroit, MI.

Thanks for filling in the blanks on this record which I happen to own.

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I's a local production,but it's incredible that I found a vg+ copy at the flea market of Rome, Italy, Porta Portese.
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