Lux Interior 1948 - 2009

The Cramps Dance of the Cannibals of Sex 7" (Famous Lux, n/d)

Lux Interior, singer of The Cramps, a true rock & roll legend, and former Sacramento resident, died this morning. I am not going to blab too much, because if you read this blog there is a 99% chance you know who Lux Interior is. Up to the very end, Lux was a great frontman, one of the best of all time. And with the Cramps, he released some wonderful records. For music freaks, perhaps most important is that Lux and his partner Ivy were avid record collectors and through their music and in interviews turned lots of people on to obscure rock & roll, weird lounge acts, and a whole mess of obscure sounds. I don't know how many record tips I picked up either directly or indirectly from paying attention to the Cramps, but it was a lot. I am confident in stating that many a music blog owes something to Lux and Ivy's vinyl archaeology. The thing is that Lux (and Ivy) were more than members of a band. They were/are total music freaks who happened to form a band, which turned out to be great. And as they got popular they never lost that sense of wonder than fans have. And, they seemed to live to turn people onto music. Lux was like the coolest music appreciation teacher who ever lived.

In rememberance, here is something off a bootleg 45. Here the Cramps do a fantastic version of Red Crayola's "Hurricane Fighter Plane." It is one of my favorite pieces of primitive rock & roll. It was recorded at Max's Kansas City in January 1977 with the original Cramps line-up of Lux, Ivy, Bryan, & Miriam.

thankya sir. i mighty dig your blog.
Thanks for sharing this, Scott. Cheers.
Just stumbled across your blog and really enjoying it. This is such a sad news. Wish I had the chance to see them play live.
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