God Will Take Care of You

The Harmonizing Four God Will Take Care of You LP (Up Front, 197?)

I've said it before, nothing beats a great gospel record. There are a few things that match it, but top it? No way. Here is a pretty damn fine album by the Harmonizing Four, a gospel quartet out of Richmond, Virginia. I've heard other records by the Four, but this odds & sods collection is my favorite. The recording is nice and raw, and, while the vocals are excellent, the music is a little ragged at times. Chances are that these recordings are outtakes, as Up Front was a pretty sleazy operation, often buying unreleased sessions from studios or producers and releasing the music with out the musician's permission or compensating them. Legally, they didn't issue bootlegs, but this is about as close as you can get without getting hauled into court. Because the label is so sketchy, recording dates, let along the release date of the record, are not known. For more info and sounds by the Harmonizing Four, check this out.

Thanks, Scott. This is great.
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