Seven Deadly Sins

Bill Russo & His Orchestra Seven Deadly Sins LP (Roulette, 1960)

Some more Third Stream music for you and if this has a bit of the Kenton sound to it, consider that Bill Russo had a four year stint in Stan Kenton's band, playing trombone and writing. Russo also was high school pals with the great Lee Konitz and studied with Lennie Tristano. On the classical side of things, he was taught by John Becker, a student of Charles Ives. Add to that the time in which this record was made, the tail end of the era of noir jazz, and you have a great listen.

I am sure that this record went over big with the Playboy crowd (an editor of the mag penned the liner notes), as it has that swank yet sophistocated sound to it, the kind of tunes you put on the reel-to-reel while you fix a Manhatten for the well stacked miss you dragged into your split level pad. You are hoping that the combination of booze and admiration for your high but not too high brow musical tastes, as well as the copies of the New Yorker, Time, and Sports Illustrated on the coffee table, are gonna get her out of her skirt and you sans turtleneck. Better hurry up before Russo gets too brooding and she wants to talk Kierkegaard. Start blowing philosophy and you'll never get laid.

Hi Scott,

My name is Saki Knafo and I'm a newspaper reporter. I'm working on an article about Eddie Kochak and I had some questions for you. If you could shoot me an email, that would be great. I'm at sakikn@yahoo.com.

You mean the well-stacked miss LURED into your split level pad, not "dragged." Only Nugget or Gent subscribers would DRAG a well-stacked miss.
'enticed' or 'hoodwinked' also work well
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