We Like Ugly Women

Bobby Jimmy & the Critters We Like Ugly Women 12" (Rapsur, 1984)

The story goes that Los Angeles radio dejay Russ Parr had an on air character named Bobby Jimmy. One day his pal the Egyptian Lover, a West Coast hip hop and electro pioneer, called him up and said, "Hey man, let's cut a record." Egypt had already had a few 12"s out and had some distro and knew how to produce a song. Russ had a made for novelty record character. And thus "We Like Ugly Women" was born.

Low but funny humor and a hell of a lot of absurdity are the hooks for me, but better is the really weird production the Egyptian Lover gives it. Throughout the song there are odd nods, but the best and strangest passage is right before the preacher comes in, and while he gives his advice. Another plus is the guitar break. And then there is the similarity that it has to this internet classic. This is not only a good novelty song. It is a piece of great early electro. And something you can bring into 2009. Have a happy new year!

Okay, major props for Bobby Jimmy. Now, serious major props if you had a copy of his novelty tune, Roaches, which was set to the Timex Social Club's "Rumors".
Dang..Dean beat me to it.

Bobby Jimmy was the R&B answer to Weird Al...albeit without nearly the amount of success.

He had a handful more national releases on Macola and even Priority Records.
My favorite was "Hair or Weave."
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