Mom (Can I Talk to You)

Jan Rhodes Mom (Can I Talk to You) 45 (Blue, 1968)

Ahhh the ambiguous morality song. Here Jan Rhodes, with a lot of help from Dick Hyman, confabs with Mom about some unnamed trouble. All we know is that bad Jan went to some place for a couple hours and something happened that she needs to talk to mom about. Did she sneak a smoke? Smoke pole? Smoke a lot of pole? I don't know. Its gotta be bad. I mean, cell phones weren't around to snap a shot or take a video clip. Girls Gone Wild had yet to be invented. If Jan was gonna soil her family's name just from word of mouth, well, well.

Obviously the theme was lifted from the Shangra-Las and other early girl groups. The sound, though, is a nice blend of Shadow Morton and Burt Bacharach. And that intro is begging to be sampled.

There was a picture sleeve too.
Shadow Morton did a so-so job with the New York Dolls second lp, I wonder who imagined a girl group producer world help the dolls, ho ho ho
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