Love Life of Crime

Jack Merlin Love Life of Crime 45 (Hickory, 1965)

Here is a winner of a loser! Jack Merlin's "Love Life of Crime" is faux-Elvis that comes off more like Bobby Pickett with a speech impediment. I have no info on Jack Merlin and haven't found any chart information. The only copy I've seen is this one and it is a promo. That doesn't mean there isn't others floating around but this is one of those records that either never made it out of promo phase or got such a bad reception that they pressing was deliberately kept low. I imagine that it came about with Jack Merlin pitching his song to Hickory and insisting that he perform it. Hickory was probably looking for something that bordered on rock and country so they put Roy Acuff behind it and let it rip...to no applause. Well, I like it. Perhaps not for the "right reasons" but I certainly think it is worth throwing out there. And the song title is one of the best! The only thing missing on this is a talk over.

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