Forget Me Baby

Lulu & the Luvers Forget Me Baby 45 (Parrot, 1964)

The Gleneagles were one of the handful of bands stomping around Glasgow blasting out raw, loud R&B and when Lulu joined the band the only thing that changed was the band's name. Lulu & the Luvers (or Lulu & the Lovers or Lulu & the Luvvers) made a handful of singles but it was their first, a rippin' version of the Isley Brother's "Shout" which hit the biggest. After that it was diminishing returns. In 1965, Lulu ditched her Luvvers and struck out on a pretty successful solo career ("To Sir With Love").

Here is the B-side of the "Shout" single, a great swinging stomp with Lulu singing strained throated and a great twang guitar solo. "Shout" is fine, but I've heard it a zillion times before. The hit here is "Forget Me Baby."

Love this, thanks for posting it. I never run across Lulu & the Luvers singles, including this one.
Damn, I love it when she shreds her vocal chords. To Sir, with smokes!
Aquí la joya detrás del vidrio. Nunca he tenido la suerte de escuchar esta canción, él pensó que podía, pero me equivoque.Will be again. Thank you
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