Introducing MoJo

While wasting time on the internet, searching for cover versions of the song "Freebird," I stumbled on this very charming duo. Mo and Jo are age 9 and 7 and play great versions of classic songs (plus one original). If they were just kids playing music they would barely pass the cute test. However, as you will hear, their reverb drenched renditions are worth repeated listenings. Enjoy.

MoJo Original
NoWhere Man
Rockin' Robin

Mojo is quite the find. Their age is a factor, certainly, but I've heard plenty of teens and adults that couldn't touch this. And, it reminds me of how much I wanted an electric guitar when I was 7, 8, 9....

I did finally get an electric guitar when I was 16, and it is one of my favorite things even now, thirty some years later.

Thanks for all the interesting stuff. I'm usually both surprised and delighted by your posts.
This is all fab, but the real gold is in the bluesy take on "Rockin Robin" and the o-rig-i-nal fer me! The latter is akin'ta if The Shaggs were James Burton's kids...
isnt the first song "my girl"?
If the kids are this good, imagine the cat.
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