Helene Martin Amazonie EP (La Fine Fleur, 1966)

It seems as if though interpreting French poets in song was quite common among the madamoiselles. From 1960 on, Helene Martin made a career out of putting poems to music, starting with (drum roll please) an album of Paul Eluard. She followed that by another LP of Apollinaire, and then tackled Aragon, Genet, Giono, Queneau, Cocteau, and others. Here she tries Luc Berimont (Amazonie), Aragon (Le Feu), and riffs off a line from one of my favorite poets, the Russian Vladimir Mayakovsky (L'Amour a Casse sa Pipe).

If the music here sounds a bit like that on the Solleville EP, well, it is because guitarist Jean-Francois Gael is also behind this.

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