No More Radio

It is with not so heavy heart that I tell you that tonight will be my last radio show on KDVS. I've done a weekly show at Davis's greatest institution for a decade or more and it is time for a break. Who knows if I will be back. I have so many other things going on and this blog will get the music out, just not in as big of blasts. The last show will consist of my favorite odd records, stuff that is or was pretty unique to my show. Some have been featured here, some haven't. Tune in if you will. The show is 11 pm - midnight, Pacific time. Just click KDVS. The show is archived here.

hi scott, thanks for archiving the show so i could hear it again, especially the closing record about an elephant and an ant in space. when i was listening to the stream, it cut off in the middle of the song.
i look forward to hearing it again.
waaaaah! say it ain't so
I know I'm quite late...but any chance of a playlist?
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