Kiss of Fire

Georgia Gibbs Kiss of Fire 45 (Bell, 1966)

What is there to say about a song like "Kiss of Fire"? It is what it is and really doesn't need explanation. As far as the singer, Georgia Gibbs. She was raised in an orphanage and it was there she took to singing. Worked her way into gigs with Artie Shaw and Tommy Dorsey. Though she made her first record in 1936 and had cut singles with Danny Kaye and others, "Kiss of Fire" was her first hit. While that hit came in 1952, she rerecorded it in 1966 (this version here). She had some minor hits with everything from torch songs to rock & roll, but nothing huge. She retired in 1966 and died forty years later.

Actually, Georgia Gibbs had two huge hits in 1955: her version of "Tweedle Dee" hit #2, while "Dance With Me Henry" (a whitewash of "Work With Me Annie" hit #1 in Billboard. She also has a 45 on Epic called "Tater Poon"/"Nine Girls Out of Ten Girls" that's not too bad.
... figured it out: this must be a later re-recording on Bell.


seems to be more like a '52 sound.
Sorry about the multi-posting. This version is from 1966 according to the Intertubes.
Awesome. This has a pretty powerful sound for 1952. Love that guitar part, which I suppose was borrowed for "Pretty Woman" later on?
No joe this was the '66 version, rippin off ol' Roy. Too bad, probably would have been a hit again if it hadn't offended copyright sensibilty, it's such a rightous piece of burlesque-house wickedness.
Just I knew this '66 incredibl glam-beat version,
but I prefer the '52 version. "Kiss Of Fire" is the cover of beguine/tango 'El Choclo' of the early of the '20s.
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