Jerry Reed 1937 - 2008

Jerry Reed died on Monday. I am a big Jerry Reed fan. He was a hell of a guitarist, a good songwriter and very funny. My intro to him was as The Bandit in the movie Smokey & the Bandit. Like anyone who grew up with that movie, he was the star. He was funny, he drove a big truck, and he had a cool dog. But also like many folks, I didn't know he played music. It wasn't until I was discovering Chet Atkins and buying up every Chet record I could find, that I met Jerry Reed, the Guitarist. I got one of the Chet Atkins/Jerry Reed records and was hooked. Soon I was picking up every Jerry Reed record I could find. Some great stuff, some not so great stuff; but enough good stuff to make me a fan. So this evening I am not going to leave you with a batch of songs, but some youtube clips. Seeing the man work is great fun (and in the spirit of my failed attempt to stock Crud Crud with versions of "Summertime" there is a clip of him and Chet Atkins doing a jazzy version of the song).

Wow! Thanks for finding these goodies.
I had no idea JR was so tight on the strings.
Keep watching out for the smokies...jerry!
Good stuff!
The first song I ever heard by Jerry Reed was in the early 70's. It was the forgotten classic, "Aubt Maudie's Fun Garden."
What passes for Country music these days pales in comparison to pros like JR.
Ya cer-tain-ly got me on summa these! I'd heard of the man's prowess, but never witnessed it. Though, meethinks I may have'uh cassette'uh wunna the Chet collabs. BUT, that's more than'uh lil down the road uh'piece...
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