Greatest Hits 1974 AD

The Eleventh Hour Greatest Hits 1974 A.D. (20th Century, 1974)

Gotta wonder what inspired this creature! The Eleventh Hour is a studio job, the product of legendary producer Bob Crewe ("Music to Watch Girls By") and songwriter Kenny Nolan. Its inspiration? Other than money? Man, I have no idea. Perhaps the Jimmy Caster Bunch's "Troglodyte". Or maybe Parliament-Funkadelic. Hell, maybe Cheech & Chong. And why the falsetto vocals? Whatever it was that influenced them and that sound, Crewe and Nolan came up with an unique album curiously worthy of many plays. And though they didn't directly score a hit, their song, "Lady Marmalade," not only scored huge for Labelle but is one of the iconic songs of the Seventies.

I'll spare you the Eleventh Hour's original take on "Lady." It was done much better by Patti Labelle. However I will give you three of the better songs on this album, despite the name, the one and only from these guys.

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