Unexpected break

Hello, I didn't expect a break from this thing, but a busy schedule and a couple heat waves have shut me down for a while. Yesterday, it hit 111 in Sacramento, which is bad enough, but worse is the air. The fires you've no doubt heard about, the ones scattered throughout California coupled with lack of wind or winds coming from the east means we are socked in smoke. For about fifteen minutes it is pretty cool - extreme heat and smoke in the air, it is like some sci fi distopia come true - and the the novelty is replaced by sweat, burning eyes, and sore lungs. Needless to say, these aren't working conditions. I am unlucky that I have a weak air conditioner. I am lucky in that it does cool the room where the records are. And I am even luckier in that there is a great pool a ten minute bike ride away. That is where you will find me 'til the heat wave passes.

Good luck dealing with the heat. Cold, I can take because you can always add another layer. But heat? Well, you can only take off so much...
As to the smoke, I certainly relate. I live on Manhattan's west side - same area that Tony Schwartz immortalized in "audio verite" as New York, 19, New York - and once we were swamped with smoke from a fire all the way down in Virginia! Making it worse, my wife was directing a film and this was on her only day for outdoor shooting on a specific rooftop. We had to rewrite to account for the dark, hazy day.
Take it easy out there. And thanks for a swell blog.
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