Summertime II

The Shake Spears Summertime 45 (Scramble, 1966)

Happy Summer! Hit 105 here in sunny Sacramento today. Needless to say, the brain is a bit too fried to rattle on much. But I don't need to because someone else has scripted a whole bunch on the Shake Spears. As they should, these lads were one of the biggest bands to ever come out of Rhodesia, a former British colony in southern Africa turned into a quasi-apartheid state until nationalist struggles kicked out White rule and turned the land into the countries of Zambia and Zimbabwe. While the Spears spent their early years in Rhodesia, they made their mark while living in Belgium. Thus, their records, while sought out, are not too difficult to find.

So for this first day of Summer I give you a Rhodesian beat version of the classic Summertime.


Calls to mind the Zombies' version.
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