Game of Hearts

Eddie Walker (with Lenny & Kenny) Game of Hearts 45 (Vica, 196?)

Another mystery single here but damn if it isn't infectious. Eddie Walker's "Game of Hearts" starts of with a cool funky beat. The vocals come in and - yag!- they are some odd combo of lounge, Broadway, jazz, and talent show styles. Even towards the end, when band puts the funkiness into overdrive, the vocals are showbiz in their wildness. The more I listen to this songs - and I've listened to it a lot - the more I am puzzled and the more I like it. The flip side is a near lounge ballad, nothing remarkable enough to post.

I see what you mean, Scott - this does not appear to fit into any previously known genre of music. Unless there's some big "barbershop-funk" scene out there I don't know about.
cool version. i´ve been collecting summertime-versions for my brother - didn´t know this one yet. hey, the bass sounds like the Blues Magoos - We ain´t got nothin yet, doesn´t it? one of my favourite versions is by al martino - sounds like a crime jazz-tune.
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