Clap Your Hands

The Beau-Marks Clap Your Hands b/w Daddy Said 45 (Shad, 1960)

While Canadian rockabilly is by no means impossible to create or even rare, you don't hear many rockers from the Great White North, let alone the Great French North of Quebec. Even more obscure is the band who met as teen wards of a school for the handicapped. The Beau-Marks are all of the above. In 1958, polio survivors Ray Hutchinson and Mike Robitaille met at a Montreal school for the handicapped, formed The Del-Tones, paid for and recorded their own stuff, released a single, and had a minor hit. In 1959, they were forced to change their name by another Del-Tones, recorded this single, which got picked up by Shad and charted in the US at #45. That meager amount of success lead to international touring and an appearance on American Bandstand. However, after "Clap Your Hands", the hits stopped. And though they still recorded and could draw moderate crowds in Canada, in 1965, apparent that they had been passed up by surf, American garage, and the British Invasion, The Beau-Marks put it to rest.

Daddy Said
Clap Your Hands

Perhaps the Beau Marks were one hit wonders in many countries, but in Canada, they had 3 solid radio hits, all in 1960 : Clap Your Hands, Billy Billy Went A Walkin' and Cause We're In Love.
wow, i'd forgotten all about this single. i remember it in my parents collection - one of those records i'd always play... weird connection though - my mum had polio as a kid! doubt she knew about the band though, they would have just been another party record (there were lots in the box )... shit, i'm gettin' old!
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