Will I Find Her

Charles Christy Will I Find Her b/w Cherry Pie (Hanana-Barbera, 1965)

I remember when I found my first 45 on HBR. It was the Dynatones funk groover, "Fife Piper." Soon after that find, I had a triple score, 45s for the Guilloteens (what a great name!), The Rainy Day People, and Sacramento's The New Breed. Man o man, what a great label. From then on, I snagged any HBR record I could find. For a while it was easy. Word hadn't gotten out that the Hanana-Barbera company not only produced cartoons but made some fantastic records. Then people started to talk and soon these pups started to dry up

Here is one of my fave HBRs. "Will I Find Her" is a great shuffling pop tune. And Charles Christy version of Marvin & Johnny's "Cherry Pie" is almost lewd in its suggestion. Enjoy!

..Charles Christy & the Crystals have two qute nice cover-tracks (In my Room / For Your Love) on the cheapo Cascade-Sampler "Twenty Great Hits of the 60s Sampler"

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