Is It a Lie

Ernest J. Ruis Jr. / Sham & I Is It a Lie 45 (DCA, 196?)

Standard early to mid 60s R&B track with a nice solid kick to it + pop vocals by a couple teens that sound on the Whiter side of vocalese = man, I have no idea who the hell this is! The label credits either or both Ernest J. Ruiz Jr. and Sham & I as the artist. There is no writing credit, though that could be Mr. Ruiz, Jr. A Cohn and a Donig are given production credit and the music publisher is Donco, a combo of the producers' names. While this was administered by BMI, not any more. No record of this song or publisher appears in their database. This is a promo copy, so who knows if the song ever made it past this stage. A complete mystery. Enjoy.

... great find, Scott, a real gem , thanks a lot!

hugs from Milano!

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