Escape from Cuba

The High & the Mighty Escape from Cuba b/w Trying to Stop Cryin' (ABC, 1966)

Before there were The High & the Mighty, there were the Reflections, a Detroit group who had a 1964 hit with the Nuggets classic "(Just Like) Romeo & Juliet." Though they released a scad of singles, the Reflections failed to hit again. When their contract with Golden World, ended they signed to ABC and ditched their name for The High & the Mighty. Their first single was this nice piece of propaganda pop.

"Escape from Cuba" is the only anti-Castro sunshine pop songs I've ever heard. Smack dab between The Rascals and Free Design, The High & the Mighty tell a tale of a young man rowing his fishing boat to the good US of A. Is it a good song. Let's say that the Cuba angle propels it to good enuf to chart in Miami for a couple weeks. The flip, which was the a-side outside of everywhere other than Little Havana, is a nice frantic pop number.

.. a real nice one , Scot, (both sydes) thanks a lot!

ciao from Milano

Dude, freaky. I found this song *cough* through completely legal means *cough* and was utterly dumbfounded. Good to see someone else who's heard of it and get some backstory and the b-side. (and since I lived inMiami for a few years with mainly the children of Cuban exiles, I can't help but sympathize a bit). keep up the good work, long time reader, first time commenter
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