You Said You Loved Me

Deon Jackson You Said You Loved Me b/w Love Makes the World Go Round 45 (Carla, 1965)

Sorry for the lag in posts, though I don't know why I should be sorry, I mean you are paying me to do this and I was down with that goddamn flu bug, or one of those goddamn flu bugs. I'm not sure which one it was, maybe Siamese Pig Virus No. 9. Who the hell knows nowadays?

So this post is brief: Here you get two soul classics by Michigan singer Deon Jackson. "You Said You Loved Me" was Jackson first hit, a minor one, but pretty sweet stuff. He had a minor hit in 1966, followed by the 1967 classic "Ooh Baby." And then like many a soul singer he faded into obscurity.

Yet another recent find, this time just two days ago.
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