The Chant

Keith Everett The Chant b/w Light Bulb 45 (Mercury, 1966)

Ahhhh what can you say about a pop song in which the subject matter is a runaway slave and the vocal hook is a "chant" sung by the slaves and the people hunting them down! What a way to say we are all in this together! "The Chant" is not Keith Everett's (real name: Keith Gravenhorst) first foray into political pop. Before this single he did a pleasant Seekers style pop song condemning Conscientious Objectors (which you can find on the great Garage Hangover). Like Everett's pro-war song, The Chant is backed by a great pop number, in the case, the peppy Light Bulb. This single comes out of the Dunwich stable.

"The Chant" is top stuff - thanks for posting!

"Light Bulb" link is down, though. Would love to hear it.

If you're interested in more songs by Keith, you can hear them at: http://www.myspace.com/keithgravenhorst

Listen to "Goodbye America" for more political comments.

Keith ROCKS!
hi any chance of a repost?
thanks - great blog!
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