Car Hop

The Exports Car Hop 45 (King, 1964)

Year nineteen hundred and sixty-four was a good one for the garage instrumental, pretty much the primo rock & roll sound between rockabilly and the garage explosion. Of course, if you believe the standard rock & roll histories than you probably think that there was nothing worth noting between Elvis and the Beatles. Bah! The notion that rock & roll was pretty much dead prior to the British Invasion is a load of crap, the same kinda of Limey bullshit that screeds punk rock was invented by the Brits. Double bah! Believe you me, they are still smarting over the ass kicking they received in 1812. Yo Island Monkeys! The yanks handed you yer testies nearly 200 years ago, get the fuck over it! It is way past time to correct the history of rock & roll and that true history goes something like: White hicks + Black city slickers + White hipsters + Black hicks = rock & roll ----> raw ass rockabilly and sizzling early R&B which were both pretty much rock & roll but with idiotic racial tags + grunt inducing guitar instro hogs like Link Wray, Duane Eddy, Chet Atkins, Frankie Virtue, and others ----> teen instro AKA surf/hot rod/water ski/motorbike/snow ski/slot car rockery (meanwhile in the UK Cliff Richard and thousands of skifflers = crap) ----> teen garage punk augmented (not started) by the British Explosion ----> psychedelia ----> Velvet Underground ----> The Psychedelic Stooges AKA The Stooges = punk rock (though it could have started with Link Wray, couldn't of it?). Does this matter? You bet your sweet ass it matters! Eight fucking years of Bush damage and we 'mericans want - nay NEED to assert something other than that we gots a moron world destroyer for Leader, so rock & roll it is.

And here you have a 1964 single by The Exports, a band I know nothing about. You get the A side, a cool compact D. Eddy inspired romp. No B, because it is merely mere.

This one is TOTALLY CRUD-dy! THANKS!!!
Yes! Thank you.

Reminds me of Jeffrey Lewis's "History of Punk on the Lower East Side."


"...and then the whole thing moved over to England, England stole all the credit for punk, and that's how it goes, the end."
Ha ha ha! Thanks for summing that up. This crud rules.
handed us our testes in a bag? cheeky motherfucker, only with the assistance of the french, yep, you owe your independence to the cheese eating surrender monkeys, how do you sleep at night?
fuck that shit. bush is the best president ever. + what the fuck do you care about iraq, fuck'em too. + (tough they have amazing music, + thier ok if you think about it) + i don't know why people complaining about their presidents or whatever, like it really matters?!?!?!. + you know, this world is dead in about 50-100 years anyway, so who gives a fuck if it happens now, or in the future. + ahhh second time on an AVEREGE instro mr. soriano, but i'm not bitching cause i also like it. +
Do you think Rolling Stone would print your little diatribe, instead of their "official", yet revisionist history of rock and roll? You know, the one where rock and roll was on life supoort when the Beatles showed up to save the day. Is this the same reality where "Surfin' Bird", "California Sun" and "Louie Louie" were all in the national top five, while "I Want To Hold Your Hand" climbed the charts?

Yeah right, rock and roll was dead. Not hardly, though the Brits deserve due credit for kicking it in the ass. The only problem is that they also probably deserve a heap of gratitude for the "maturation" to ROCK MUSIC just a couple of years later. Okay, that wasn't all there fault but you gotta take the bad with the good.

Hey, on another note, this is a record that I picked up only a couple of weeks ago. Good one.
Awesome screed, THANK YOU.
Nice rant, Scott, You said it quite well and briefly to boot. Sometimes you just have to say what you believe and screw the detractors. The other day someone tried to tell me "Rock The Joint" by Jimmy Preston & The Prestonaires WASN"T really Rockabilly...just R&B. Listen, I play music, too, besides listening to it and I KNOW Rockabilly when I hear it. I agree with your take on the whole shebang, brother!
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