Moob Nkauj Luaq Ncaa

Jiang Moob Nkauj Luaq Ncaa cassette (self released, 200?)

Here is some music that has a story but what that story is we'll have to wonder for now. My friend the Flower Vato Larry Rodriguez dug this tape up at a local flea market. At a table was an old Hmong man selling tapes of his music. Curious, Larry bought a couple, took them home and was blown away. Out of his speakers poured some strange Asian blues, music worthy of a Sublime Frequencies release. I don't know anything about the artist, other than Larry tracked him down and got a few more tapes, and that he doesn't speak much English. I think it is a good guess that the artist came to the US with the wave of refugees from the US War on Southeast Asia. That he settled in Sacramento isn't chance as there is a very large Hmong population here. From the address on the tape, I also know that he lives in one of Sacramento's worst neighborhoods. Does being a refugee living in a violent suburb inform the music's emotion? Don't know, but I do know that this is probably the first time you've heard this one.

Thanks for the Moob - I'm a Moob noob.

Moob2.mp3 is linked twice, moob1 is not linked. FYI.
The instrument on "Ncas, Tsa Hluas Nkauj" is a jew's harp, which, judging by an album I have called "Jews Harp of the World," is an instrument with a rich folk tradition in Vietnam.

I don't know what the hell's going on with those other tracks, tho.
Very eerie stuff, thanks!

I'd like to know what the title means, and what the man's name is. I know "Hmoob" is the Hmong word for "Hmong" (b at the end of the syllable indicates the tone of the syllable, not a b sound). But what about "Moob"?
It looks like "Moob" also means "Hmong", and "Hmoob Nkauj" either means "Hmong dance" or maybe a specific type of Hmong dance of which there are a lot of videos on the Internet. There sees to be Hmoob Nkauj competitions involving groups of girls.
like those boxes of chocolate, you never know what you are gonna get....shut up forrest!
are these cassettes available for sale anywhere? amazing sounds. --JeffW (cjeffw@hotmail.com)
His name is "Jiang", but I do know how to spell it. I met him at the Folsom flea market with Larry. You can actually hear his music every day on KJAY 1430AM- "Sacramento's #1 Hmong Radio Station". I bought another tape off of him as well, which features all vocals. They're both brilliant. The other tape has his home phone # on it. I've nervously called it a fair number of times to try to set up a concert for him but always got a machine. I should try the number again sometime soon.- Brendan
Sorry I'm late to the posting here, but Brendan just told me about it. The Hmong tradionaly use the bamboo Jews harp thingy for courting. I have one, but haven't tried it for that purpose...

Shit, found out about this post two weeks late. Jiang has told me that the jews harp pieces are indeed for courting girls, late at night while the parents are sleeping. The Magic Carpathians (from Poland) want to release his music on their world music label, but Jiang becomes very shy and downright elusive when he's approached about it.

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